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The Windows Vista OS receives its fair share of complaints, but most tout its innovative and customizable sidebar, particularly when used in conjunction with Windows Sidebar Styler to create a unique, personalized desktop.

The Windows Sidebar Styler for Vista

Vista has been pretty much replaced by the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, but there are still millions of users out there who have grown to love Vista and thus refuse to give it up. If you're one of those Vista loyalists, then a program like the Windows Sidebar Styler might be right for you. Vista users already know about the innovative sidebar on the right side of the desktop. It has a clock, a calendar, and possibly different email or text messages, and other odds and ends you set. However, Vista's customizable settings are rather rudimentary and boring. With Windows Sidebar Styler, you can truly customize the look and feel of your sidebar.

The program was developed by Stoyanoff, so it's not a legitimate Windows upgrade, and unless you have your theme options properly selected, an automatic upgrade might get rid of the changes you make. That being said, you can use this program to add a unique flair to your desktop, choosing from a range of skins, styles and gadgets.

What You Can Do with the Sidebar Styler

Windows Sidebar Styler is a relatively light program, coming in at 6.9 MB, and it opens quickly and runs smoothly. There’s not much to the interface in terms of complicated features. You will see different “style” sections in the program, which offer you different types of skins you can use. A skin is like a miniature theme, so to speak, and will completely transform the look of your sidebar.

There’s also a resize feature that comes in handy. Depending on your monitor’s size and resolution, you might want a wider, slimmer, shorter or taller sidebar, and this is very tricky to do with Vista alone. Not to even mention that Vista is very stubborn when it comes to keeping changes. Windows Sidebar Styler allows for easy and free resizing.

Since Windows Sidebar Styler supports Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), you can actually run more gadgets. However, some of the different elements within the sidebar might act a bit sporadically from time to time. For instance, some skins have trouble loading up with the computer, and some gadgets are very touchy and might stop working. These are just everyday Vista compatibility bugs, unfortunately, and you may have to tweak and mix and match components until you find a stable combination that you’re happy with.

Other than those small issues, the program is easy to use and only requires a restart to take effect.


  • The program is free
  • Various skins are a nice addition
  • The program allows for more gadgets to run in the sidebar
  • The resize option is great for personal taste


  • The program might reset depending on your Vista options
  • Some skins have trouble loading properly
  • Tweaking may be required to get it right

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